Актуальная английская лексика на тему праздничных мероприятий

Актуальная английская лексика на тему праздничных мероприятий

Все любят праздники. Кто не хочет время от времени расслабляться и жить в моменте «здесь и сейчас»? Будь то фестиваль, праздник или вечеринка, в этой статье есть все необходимые термины, которые понадобятся вам, чтобы прекрасно описать прекрасно проведенное время.

Amazing Adjectives
• I’ve been feeling festive all week.
• We’ve always worn these outfits. It’s an age-old tradition.
• I can’t remember the exact date, because it’s a moveable feast.
• We have a proud tradition of organizing folk dances each winter.
• There’s a rich tradition of honouring our ancestors in the southern part of my country.

outfit – костюм, наряд;
moveable – переходящий (по времени);
feast – праздник пиршество;
folk dances – народные танцы;
ancestor – предок, родоначальник;


Festive Decorations
• She insisted on having streamers for the celebration.
• People traditionally wear masks.
• The government is considering bringing pyrotechnics this year.
• The city streets are adorned with banners, ribbons and flags for the annual parade.
• The parade floats are usually made of papiermache.

to insist on sth – настаивать на чем-либо;
streamer – транспарант, бумажная гирлянда;
pyrotechnics — пиротехника,  фейерверк;
annual — ежегодный;
parade float – платформа на колесах для парадов и фестивалей;
papiermache – папье-маше;


Idioms for Happy Occasions
• That festival blew my mind.
• The sounds of the carnival were music to my ears.
• I’m so happy her wedding went off without a hitch.
• I’m on cloud nine.
• I’m in seventh heaven.
• Everyone entered into the spirit of things.

to blow one’s mind – шокировать, изумлять;

to go off without a hitch – пройти успешно, без сучка и задоринки;
to be on cloud nine – быть на седьмом небе (от счастья);
to enter into the spirit of things – проникнуться духом чего-либо;

Intriguing Observances
• I’d love to experience the excitement of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
• What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?
• I’ve heard that Chinese New Year celebrations can be really spellbinding.

Mardi Gras – Марди Грас (вторник на масленной неделе);

to dress up – наряжаться, изысканно одеваться;
spellbinding – захватывающий, чарующий;


Noble Nouns
• The nightly fireworks shows are a real spectacle.
• Our town has a touching memorial to honour our fallen soldiers.
• There’s a sprawling carnival that takes place near the capital city.
• His favourite part of the holiday is the ceremonial procession.

fireworks – салют, вейерверк;
memorial – памятник, монумент;
fallen – павший;
sprawling – блестяший, прекрасный;
to take place – проходить, иметь место;

Synonyms for Festival
• Her hometown plans out the best jamboree I’ve ever seen.
• You should visit my country one spring to see some true revelry.
• Their galas are very formal events.
• The fiesta had such a lively atmosphere.
• The holiday includes a pageant where locals can win many prizes.
• His culture’s shindigs are much more fun than my family’s holidays.

jamboree – празднество, шумная гулянка;
revelry – пирушка, кутеж;
to include sth  включать в себя;
pageant – торжество;
shindig – тусовка;

Words Describing Celebrations
• Their celebrations are very convivial.
• On this day, people all around town are merry and jovial.
• My family is usually quite cold, but we’re quite buddy-buddy and chummy once the summer festivities get started.
• Our Christmas parties are always cheerful and joyful.


convivial – праздничный;
jovial – веселый;
buddy-buddy – компанейский;
chummy – дружелюбный;
cheerful – веселый;

Vibrant Verbs
• Our local autumn festival falls on the second Saturday of October.
• Her community has upheld their traditional concert for the last 30 years.
• My neighbourhood holds a celebratory fair each year.
• This festival dates back to the 1800s.
• The event marks the start of the summer season.
• My brother observes some rather unusual holidays because of his girlfriend.

community – сообщество;
to uphold sth поддерживать;
neighbourhood – район,соседство;
celebratory – устраиваемый в честь какого-либо праздника.


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