New words in English


New words in English

Вы когда-нибудь испытывали необходимость придумать новое слово? В мире постоянно появляются новые слова, в связи с этим Коллинз/Collins, один из крупнейших в мире издателей словарей, презентовал веб-сайт под названием Collins Word Exchange. Любой желающий со всего мира может прислать свои предложения для новых слов. Вот некоторые из них:


  • Tween
    this word was recently coined in the US. It refers to a child between the ages of eight and thirteen. Sam, Minnesota.
  • Flexitarian
    somebody like a vegetarian who sometimes eats meat for a reason (i.e. it’s Thanksgiving Day). Or a non-smoker who has a cigarette after a meal sometimes. Bob, Texas.
  • Drunch
    a meal that you eat combining lunch and dinner. Similar to “brunch” (which is a combination of breakfast and lunch). Greg, New York City.
  • Funner
    everybody uses it, but it still hasn’t become a real word. Can they just make “funner” a word? Well, they should. Sally, Wisconsin.
  • Blunkettism
    blaming the world for one’s own self-imposed problems. This word comes from the name of the former  government minister
    David Blunkett. Paula, England
  • Whoa
    I would add this word, which is an expression of bewilderment.
    Steve, Canada.
  • Widget
    I’m a fan of using the word “widget” to describe the USB memory keys/ sticks that have stealthily become completely indispensable.
    Alyson, Paris.
  • Misunderestimate
    I believe there are many words that need to be added to the dictionary that President Bush has made up, including
    misunderestimate”. Mary, Boston.
  • Uncoldable
    my young son came up with a new word to describe why he didn’t need to wear a coat to school: he explained that
    he was “uncoldable” (i.e. he couldn’t get cold). Mark, Dubai.
  • Guesstimate
    the combination of “to guess” and “to estimate”. Wonderful. Steve, Canada.
  • Smirting
    as you know, many countries have banned smoking in pubs. As a result, those who can’t resist the urge to light up are obliged to stand outside. This has led to a new phenomenon known as “smirting”, which is basically a  combination of “smoking” and “flirting”. Many do it, so it should be in the dictionary. Rory, Dublin.


А какие новые «авторские» слова добавили бы Вы?

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